Where we're coming from.

Cargomaster was one of the first shipping companies in Lebanon and the Middle-East. Both our country and our region was witnessed tremendous growth, and we like to think we have done our part to help this expansion and development.

Our Latest Proud Achievements:

New York, the Armory Show, exhibiting the Arab Dolls - March 2015:

One of the most famous art exhibits of the world, Cargomaster handled the entire packing, shipping and booth delivery of Lebanese Carlo Massoud, acclaimed and referred in many publishing, such as lately l'Orient le Jour.

Beirut, Kohar Music festival, 2 trucks - October 2015
Complicated project very few could achieve, 2 foreign trucks arriving by ferry at Tripoli port on a holiday, convoyed to the Forum de Beyrouth supplying the festival with broadcasting equipment. Cargomaster was able to deliver 5 days before the client's deadline! Same was returned to Germany in a timely manner after the show.

Umbilical Cords shipped around the world - all year round
Thanks to our expertise and commitment in time critical shipments, many hospitals and birth centers rely on our services to export stem cells extracted from the babies' umbilical cord at the time of birth. It is transported in specialized packaging at a specific temperature (-40 oC) to clinical banks in the UK and the USA.

Beirut Exhibition BIEL , 10 Year remembrance of late Rafic Hariri - Feb 2015
High Tech projection material moved for a mega show to project on a 5 meter high x 60 meter wide wall. Equipment were imported and returned to France with all parts, cables and engineers.

Berlin, Lebanese Wines take the road to the Ritz! - May 2014
Wine temperature needs to be kept stable, at a specific degree and packaged in a way protected from heat and sunlight. Our crating and routing team made sure famous Lebanese wine arrived safely for degustation by wine enthusiasts around the world.

Abu Dhabi and Muscat, furnishing 2 branches of a famous restaurant - Jan 2015
We delivered all the furniture, chairs and tables from Italy and Lebanon to Abu Dhabi Marina Mall and Muscat Avenue Mall. The operation Included pick-up and consolidation from several suppliers in Italy and Lebanon. Full door-to-door, including offloading from truck and labor.

Beirut Project Lebanon, Italian alley, May 2013

Kuwait, Circque du Monde form Italy via Beirut in transit , Sep 2008
Unloaded from open top containers, loaded on trucks

Italian bouncing car show in the 90's
Cargomaster Group
80 Years and still moving!

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