Special Cargo

Some cargo require more care than others. Some also need constant attention and monitoring.

Cargomaster has had a long history of handling delicate merchandise and we sort of became specialists in the field. We handle merchandize with any type of treatment, and precautions, impose safety measures and regulations, so that they reach their destination in the best conditions, without tempering, and in the complete safety of the transporter and the end client.

We provide our Clients with our trusted expertise, sound advice, and counsel them on the ad-hoc logistics.

If you need to transport special type of merchandise, we'll get you the job done!

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Hazardous Material
Hazardous material (or hazmat) include materials that are radioactive, flammable, explosive or corrosive, oxidizers or asphyxiants, bio hazardous, toxic, pathogen or allergen substances and organisms, but also physical conditions as compressed gases and liquids or hot material, including all goods containing such materials or chemicals, or may have other characteristics that render it hazardous during transport.

Remember the freight forwarder is not qualified to classify goods – Cargomaster demands a Material Safety Data Sheet- for short, MSDS. Most MSDS will clearly state a UN number, or a MSDS will clearly show whether this material is regulated by IMO or not. For this purpose try to get the proper chemical name if a chemical is involved.
A freight forwarder should not handle knowingly dangerous goods without supporting shipper's declaration of hazardous goods. Every type of hazardous product requires different mode of transport, packing type, handling, limitation, inspection and paperwork.

When it comes to this type of product, we will advise you every step of the way. Our team has the experience and certification to handle it.

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Temperature Controlled and Time Critical Cargo
This type of cargo ranges from medical supplies, biological substances, fruits & vegetables to frozen food.

These need to be handled with extreme care and kept in strict weather conditions in order to be kept alive or edible. These require constant care and monitoring as well, during transport, handling and storage.

Our team of highly skilled specialists is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver expert knowledge in the packaging and customs requirements regarding virtually any medical shipment.

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Projects, Chartering and Oversized Cargo
Every client, every project is unique. We understand the requirements of every single one of our clients and help them manage the transport and logistics of every single one of their projects in a unique way. We offer advice based on their scheduling limitations and offer counseling on the risk factors. Our years of expertise allow us to see all variables of each problem, and solve them in the best way possible for each of our clients
There is truly nothing more intricate, nothing more challenging and nothing more satisfying than being involved in the transaction of a complete project, from beginning to end.

So what exactly is project transportation?
A project, in traditional forwarding terms, is the shipment of a complete plant facility from several points of origin and several manufacturers to a single site where the plant will be built, for example:
• Saudi Arabia contracted with a project engineering company for the construction of a desalination plant near Jeddah. Equipment for this project came primarily from Japan, Canada and Germany
• Iraq contracted with a German engineering company for the construction of an oil refinery for which equipment came primarily from the U.S.A., Canada, Germany and Japan.

Over a period of time, the term "project transportation" has also come to mean the movement of very large shipments over a period of months. For example: 2,000tons of steel towers from Milan to Beirut; or 3,000 tons of prefabricated housing from China to Iraq.

Projects are often situated in remote areas where equipment is rare, access points not adequate, too far away, or simply not commercially accessible due to war risks and other force majeure. Cargomaster will find a way to reach the final destination no matter the difficulty. We must utilize one or many modes of transportation and safeguard proper connections every step of the way. This is where chartering plays a role in case there are no regular carriers operating in the area or if cargo is oversized and does not fit in regular containers and aircrafts. Cargomaster will organize the movement of goods on a dedicated vessel if the volume and value of cargo justifies it.

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Fairs & Exhibitions
Cargomaster regularly handles stands, product samples and promotional material for exhibitions and fairs. We move the entire material using multimodal transport (ex: sea, then road), we clear it at borders, deliver to the fair site and install it. Our role doesn't end here; we also bring back everything home the way it was!
Because of customs restrictions, we have to facilitate the identification of the goods upon arrival to Lebanon as well as departure out of Lebanon.
moving fine arts

Cargomaster trusted packaging, crating and shipping company for art galleries and fine artists.
For over three decades, galleries, artists and collectors have relied on us to safely move their delicate and valuable pieces around the world.
Cargomaster offers a complete service, taking care of any complications of customs procedures for both import & export shipments,
For exhibitions, we can also take care of the last mile for setting up your booth.

Our Art Services
Local Pick-up and Delivery
Custom Packing and Cushioning
Wood Crates and Corrugated Containers
Transportation — Carrier selection based on item, budget, time frame
Insurance — Our professional packing allows us to offer you coverage on original art, glass, and antiques
White Glove Delivery – Includes unpacking and set-up

Cargomaster also provides museum quality crating and traveling exhibit crating solutions.

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Moving your goods is no game

pharmaceutical logistics
The supply chain of Pharma products is becoming more complex and more demanding.
Moving pharmaceuticals not only require temperature control, but also needs
special attention and fast connections. We understand its importance and we cope
with changes occurring both in Lebanese regulations and abroad. For this reason
we have a dedicated team with a vast experience in Pharma logistics to handle
your requests. We are one of the very few companies in Lebanon exporting Dangerous shipments, temperature controlled in Dry Ice or Cryoshipper, DG packaging and conditioning, etc. Stay Ahead with Cargomaster!

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