"Shipping lines remain at sea, 
Airlines fly to airports, 
Freight forwarders, like Cargomaster, are present everywhere 
All along the supply chain, from you, to your buyer." 

Sea Freight

Our Strengths
• Specialized ocean operation personnel.
• Door-to-Door Options.
• Charterer services.
• Containerized Cargo, special equipment, Break Bulk and Roro.
• Preferential rate agreements with all major shipping lines.
• Dangerous Goods/IMCO Certified Operations.
• Comprehensive container stuffing / de-stuffing facilities.
• Strong relationships with local Customs and Port Authorities

The handling of ocean shipments is a major mode of the international forwarder, and it is used all the time. Cargomaster offers many varieties in sea freight transportation and we also deliver your cargo to certain cities not having its own sea port. Your cargo may be voluminous requiring a dedicated full container, it may be smaller requiring only a part of the container (see Groupage), or it may consists of different cargo from several suppliers to be combined in a single container. Whatever your business needs, we will accommodate!

Obviously it is used for the overseas movement of goods which are heavy, voluminous and do not require fast voyage. Transit time varies according to the distance between ports, the available maritime routes and vessel operators.

- Case Study #1: A distributor of white appliances must have sufficient stock to sustain sales during any period of the year. The distributor will replenish his stock on a monthly basis by importing cargo by sea due to the size and volume of cargo in order to reduce costs.
- Cast Study #2: An importer has several orders to be shipped from different suppliers in the same country but he does not want to ship each cargo independently. Each cargo will be collected by truck from respective factories to be combined with the remaining goods from other areas. The importer will only receive 1 container including all his orders hence better control and less costs.

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Air Freight

Our Strengths
• Dedicated and specialized personnel.
• Dedicated space-allocations with major carriers.
• Solid cooperation with Beirut Civil Aviation.
• Strategic Partner Alliances: Competitive Rates & Space Availability using core carrier.
• Door-to-Door Options.
• Charterer services.

Air cargo transportation is a high-pressure business which goes on 24-hours a day all around the world. Cargomaster offers import and export airfreight services, from or to Beirut Int'l Airport to major cities around the world. We have strategic alliances with most reputed airlines proposing efficient movements to any destination at the most suitable cost and time.

Airfreight is used for light shipments or those requiring fast delivery, for those of high value, of perishables, of items which are exceedingly fragile or delicate. If cargo is relatively bulky or heavy, the client may opt for airfreight when its commercial value can tolerate the costlier airfreight. The quicker the goods reach the buyer the quicker the seller gets paid.

- Case Study #1: Sensitive electronic equipment or computers cannot stand the roiling and swaying of a 3-week ocean voyage, or the humping and bumping in a rail car or the stop and go of a long truck trip. Airfreight is risk free and fast therefore cargo will reach receiver without damage and at an adequate lead time.
- Case Study #2: A broken-down machine may bring an entire production line to a halt. A replacement must be flown in regardless of cost, because the cost of a day's lost production is much more important that the airfreight cost itself.

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Land Freight

Our Strengths
• Reliable, secure, door to door LTL/FTL.
• Road Freight Service within the Middle East.
• Transit to the Arab World via Beirut.
• Transit Time: 2-10 days depending on destination.
• Security & handling up to final destination.
• Ability to move oversize & heavy lifts within the Middle East.

Land freight can be local and regional and it is definitely the better choice for short and medium distances. Cargomaster offers local distribution from a storage facility to various parts of Lebanon. We also move cargo to overseas locations in the Middle East and Levant countries.

It serves more communities and can go into remote places. It offers door-to-door delivery, it is flexible and in many cases very cost effective. Above all, it accepts small / less-than truckload shipments. Land Freight is more flexible and Cargomaster offers dedicated departures on specific days.

- Case Study #1: A shipment has to move from Beirut to Riyadh (KSA) fast but it is quite heavy. Airfreight is an expensive solution and sea freight requires a minimum of 2 weeks to Jeddah port only. The best solution is to ship it by road to Riyadh thru the borders of Syria and Jordan. Transit time is only 6 days and it is delivered directly to the final receiver.
- Cast Study #2: A complete circus must be shipped from Italy to Kuwait but the movement in Open Top containers by sea is too expensive because the height of cargo will exceed container's top. Thanks to the geographical distance Beirut / Kuwait and to the fewer regulations by road, it is more efficient to ship the cargo to Beirut port by sea and re-forward it by road to Kuwait City.

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