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May 01, 2015: Issuing EUR1 Certificate from the UK
Helping the Lebanese Traders

eur1 certificate

How to Saves Taxes with the EUR1?


Products purchased in Europe with a EUR1 certificate enables importers in Lebanon reduced cost of customs duty under trade agreements with the EU.
Each shipment is issued a EUR1 certificate used during the clearing process. Some products are entirely exempted from taxes.

Contact 01561000 or to benefit from the EUR1

From the UK and with immediate effect you will have two choices to get an EUR1 / ATR Certificate stamped if you want Cargomaster to complete it.
We are currently having issues with customs in the UK and do not expect them to improve anytime soon.

First option:-
We send to Customs and all you pay is GBP 30 which covers issue of cert and postage to customs. Problem with this is customs work at their own speed, This is taking anything up to 3 weeks currently. Customs do not like you calling them to chase the docs and you cannot go to their office to collect as they will not let you in. The documents are stamped and returned at Customs convenience only.

Second option:-
We can get EUR1/ATR certs stamped at local Chamber of Commerce which is quicker however they charge to stamp the cert. Charges would be GBP 30 to prepare and deliver cert to Chamber of Commerce and then Chamber charge GBP 45 per cert for a 2 day service or double rate to GBP 90 if you want it stamped same day
Basically you can have either inexpensive certs but you have to wait - sometimes too long – or the expensive option which is quicker. We have always worked on principal that you would not want to pay such a high amount to get EUR1/ATR certs stamped. To be honest we feel that customs will continue to get worse and take longer to return certs to force you pay to have them stamped at local Chamber of Commerce.

If you want us to arrange EUR1/ATR certificates on your behalf, we propose following options:
1. Send via Customs at cost of GBP 30 but without deadline
2. Send via Chamber at cost of GBP 30 preparation fee plus GBP 45 (2 day service) or GBP 90 (same day service)
3. Instruct shipper to issue EUR1 at their expense

With immediate effect charges will be as above – depending on which option you decide on.

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