Added Value Services

When it comes to shipping goods, a lot of ground has to be covered in order to get the job done. We regularly have to take care of many smaller tasks and offer other basic services, yet without which shipments wouldn’t arrive home.

Marine Insurance

Unless a client makes his own insurance arrangements, we are usually asked to do so for air and/or sea freight shipments. We must be familiar with the coverage available, their limitations, coverage of war risks, cargo surveys, claims procedure and so forth. One of the basic added-value services in our business is cargo insurance. We can insure every step of the way, from simple procedures to specific requirements for special merchandise.


In order to reach its destination, cargo often has to go through many transport services. This frequently includes road and sea, not mentioning getting the merchandise loaded and unloaded from the different means of transports or warehousing. Cargomaster will take care of everything, and will counsel you in the best route.

Gate to the Middle East

Shall we also mention that we are specialists when it comes to functioning in the Arab World. We were one of the first established (and still active) shipping companies in the Middle-East – and one of the first registered companies in Lebanon for that matter. It comes as no surprise that we are quite proficient in dealing with suppliers, clients, customs personel and paperwork and requirements of each country of the Middle-East.


We provide technical advice to clients who request it, may it be for special projects or for the long-standing management of an organization’s logistical duties. We regularly produce studies for particular jobs that require solid knowledge in freight transport.

For example:
• Supply Chain Management (4PL): We study the way you import raw materials, manufacture your products and deliver finished goods to the end user. We can advise you how and when to replenish your stock, how to store it and how to move it.
• Best routing: We assist you on the best (economical/ timely/ safe) routing. By giving good guidance, your products may be more competitive, arrive faster to the end user and you may even open new markets.
• Packaging: Manufacturers need advice on appropriate packaging, including directions on stowing, container use, and special attention on packaging of dangerous cargo.

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