Commercial Services

The most important aspects of retail business are opportunity and sustainability. To seize the moment, you need to be able to act quickly, respond to the demand in time. And you need to be able to reproduce this time and time again. This is why your supply chain is vital to your success.

At Cargomaster, we understand that time is of the essence. And we help businesses and merchants alike achieve their timely goals smartly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective way. We provide advice on the best solutions, route and means, and we get the job done.

We deal with suppliers all over the world, in any country, in any language. Our many years of experience have taught us what to expect, what to prevent and how to solve.

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When it comes to getting your product on its way, efficiently, you need the most organised and experienced team around. That’s where we come in. Cargomaster can move any shipment to any destination, on time, in any way, hassle-free.

Cargomaster knows that any manufacturer needs raw material systematically because any delay will stop production and create losses. That is why we study your business and plan ahead to ensure a continuity in your assembly chain.

Why deal with many companies when you can work with just one team? Cargomaster can help you save on costs, advise you on the best route, moving your goods efficiently, and getting them there on time.

The transporter also acts as the carrier of your image abroad, because it often has to deal directly with your customer. Cargomaster understands that.

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Industry-centric Services

Personal Home Relocation

Moving homes is an emotion-filled experience, for the whole family, and Cargomaster helps to make it a good one. We are professional movers of all kinds of commodities, and no project is either too small or too large for us. You can travel worry-free as we take care of moving your most valuable possessions across the world. And to add even more relief to your mind, all your belongings can be insured by us during transport.

We choose our packing staff and the quality of our materials with care. As specialists in international moving, naturally enough all of our packing teams are fully trained and fully experienced in the delicate art of moving your valued possessions.

Check out our many services tailored to your personal relocation.

Why choose us?

Well rounded & structured product portfolio. Full logistics services, import & export, air & sea freight, clearance, insurance, added value services, etc. All at your fingertips under one roof.

One of the first shipping companies in Lebanon since 1930. More than 80 years of cumulative experience in transport & logistics. Young & dynamic team of professionals.

Steady growth year after year. Aggressive sales force with a go‐getter attitude. Efficient & optimized operations – internal KPI’s & SOP’s. Long lasting & growing business relationship with vendors. Strong networking within the Lebanese market & government authorities.

Ensuring punctuality & accuracy of services. Customer Centricity – Always put customers first & pursue fair profit. Learn to listen & ability to interpret the customers’ needs. Presenting value to customers – Offer a wide range of high quality & cost efficient services. Building long-term partnerships – Customer loyalty & credibility.

Cargo Consolidation: air & sea freight groupage, LCL weekly imports from 20 major markets, LCL fortnightly exports to +600 destinations worldwide.

Dangerous Goods: packing, labeling, declaration, documentation & shipping of flammable, corrosive, toxic & radioactive cargo.

Time Critical Shipments: Onboard Courier, AOG Aircraft-On-Ground, Clinical Trials & Temperature Controlled Shipments.

Project Forwarding, Heavyweight & Oversized Cargo: packaging control, port/airport handling supervision, job-site delivery up to final positioning at factory, work site or project destination.

Compliance with international standards & regulations. Legalized & fully licensed organization. Very well versed technological platform & infrastructure. Strategic alliances with multinational & regional groups. Members of:

IATA, FIATA, Lebanese Forwarders’ Syndicate, Chamber of Commerce, Chambre de Navigation, etc

Strong ethical & social responsibilities. Good & well respected reputation. Ensuring transparent & visible communications with customers. Always operate with rich human qualities: passion, strong will & creativity. Contribute to the advancement of the global economy by engaging in community & global activities. Live up to society’s trust in us by being fair, ethical & responsible.

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