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Exporting into the USA and Canada
ISF 10+2 and Customs Paperwork Filling

Please note thast for all shipments that go to or via USA and Canada a filling/declaration on the contents of your goods has to be done. SIFS and AMS/ACI details need to be provided 1 day before actual closing. It's of the utmost importance that this procedure is being followed. If filling isnt done in due time or filed correctly, fines can run up to USD 5000. You can contact us on how to declare your cargo and to have copies of the forms. For personal effects, copy of passport, packing list and complete address have to be provided. Fines for non-compliance on ISF upto USD 5000: US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announeced that they will begin full enforcement of the Importer Security Filling (ISF or 10 + 2) on July 9, 2013. To date, CBP has been applying a measured and commonsense approach to ISF enforcement. The existing liquited damages provisions will be employed. While there may be multiple errors on an ISF trasnmission, in accordance with the guidlines for the assessment and cancellation of claims for liquidated damages for failure to comply with ISF requirements, CBP may assess a claim for liquidated damages as follows: - $ 5 000 per late ISF - $ 5 000 per inacurate ISF - and $ 5 000 for the first inacurater ISF update Customs has stressed that every liquidated damages enforcement action instituted at the port level will be reviewed by CBP headquarters prior to issuance. More Reading at: and
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