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Press Release from the Abouzeid Holding Group - Jan 2014
January 2014

Businesses and Government Going Electronic

Cargomaster is again one step ahead in technology innovation by creating My Cargo, a unique online application in the Middle East dedicated to cargo transport.

Breaking old models requires new thinking and requires the right technology. In the past 10 years, we have seen an unprecedented shift from telephone, fax and post, to email. About 90% of communication is now done via the web and basic IT systems have been replaced at considerable expense with sophisticated Electronic Data Interface (EDI) systems. This has allowed businesses to increase automation, improve visibility throughout the supply chain and eliminate the need for the double punching of information, which, in turn, reduces human error.

Cargomaster will introduce in the first Quarter of 2014 MY CARGO, a web based application for traceability of cargo and accessibility to information, which puts a greater emphasis on the need to monitor progress of cargo, availability of documentation such as pre-alerts, bills of lading, invoices and notice of arrivals via an IT platform.

Clients are now looking for complete visibility in order to provide accurate information to their own customers – this is paramount for forecasting and managing orders effectively, costing, maintaining optimum levels which, in turn, drives efficiencies into the business. Naturally, a reduction in the physical paper trail traditionally associated with the shipping industry has a positive impact on corporate social responsibility and the environment. A move to state-of-the-art logistics software systems and automated processes deliver a host of benefits and value added services, all of which can be customized to meet individual client needs. Accurate reporting and statistical information can be provided to individual customers, which serve as valuable management information. Any changes or updates are immediately visible to the client via the online platform.

Other aspects: In 2014, Lebanese companies will start declaring their financial statements electronically with the Ministry of Finance, a first step in moving away from paperwork based process to electronic. The airlines in Beirut Airport and the Customs Authorities will also accept the new e-AWB (electronic AWB) under IATA standard; this new way of doing business and booking cargoes will fasten the process and reduce errors. The shipping lines and the Beirut port are finalizing the issuance of Electronic Delivery Orders, which will reduce paper processes and make cargo deliveries faster and more visible.

Levant Express Transport is attending the AGM in Bali, Indonesia

The Annual General Meeting for members of WIN, a network of independent forwarders where Jacques and Roy Abouzeid will travel to meet with top 75 forwarders from around the globe. Levant Express Transport (a sister company for Cargomaster) has been part of the Swiss based WIN network for 5 years, the aim is to provide high quality logistics solution and developing business opportunities between Lebanon and other markets.

We are proud to announce that Jacques Abouzeid is recently appointed Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa region and is in charge of finding new partners in his region, creating shipments between members and providing transport solutions.

We do what others don’t do

Cargomaster likes difficult tasks and part of our success is doing what other forwarders tend to run away from. Differentiation is especially important in the ever-expanding frontier where local experience and expertise is critical. Niche forwarders are the best solution in certain industries or lanes, forwarders should be sought out when transporting sensitive products such as chemicals, oil, and gas and for highly regulated products such as licensable goods and shipments that require other government agency review.

Business Expansion:

Roy Abouzeid has partnered with Mr. Gilbert Azzi in creating a new delivery service from online web retailers. The Lebanese online users can now order from any online website from around the globe and ship the order to Lebanon with peace of mind. Most of the online retailers today do not ship to Lebanon for several reasons, and if they do their fees are very expensive. provides warehouses in multiple countries for receiving orders and moving them to Lebanon. This service is dedicated to end users purchasing all kinds of commodities, such as telephone accessories, cloth, sunglasses, spare parts and much more.

By Roy Abouzeid Managing Partner

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