Beirut2Beijing Expo: One Belt One Road to China


The Lebanese financial and manufacturing sector is witnessing growth, thanks to its multiple projects and exhibitions held locally and abroad. A good illustration of the aforesaid is the exposition entitled ONE BELT ONE ROAD TO CHINA “Beirut2Beijing” and organized by Fransabank, in cooperation with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Lebanon. The exhibition, which began on July 15 and ended on July 29, 2016 in Beijing – China, promoted the Lebanese culture and identity to a very important and promising Chinese market.

A majority of entrepreneurs from different fields, including manufacturers of dairy products, nuts, wine, olive oil, canned foods, honey and soap sampled their products to enthusiastic importers and distributors. The expo proved that Lebanese products attract many consumers and it was deemed a first opportunity to enter the Chinese market, and could generate more openings to other markets around the world.

This important event has given hope to the Lebanese manufacturing industry and is seen as a major factor for the growth of the country’s economy. Thanks to it, the Lebanese manufacturing industry managed to gain the confidence it needs to introduce itself as a niche competitor, especially in the fields of gastronomy and spirits.


The transportation of products required a maximum of 4 working days. Some of those needed special care and had to be refrigerated at different temperatures, until final arrival at the venue. Despite the difficulties faced during the shipping process, all required documents, approvals, certificates and labels were delicately managed by Cargomaster, to ensure smooth entry into China.

Thanks to its experience in handling complex projects and events, Cargomaster offered a turnkey solution for the entire transportation, loading/unloading, handling and safety of the exhibited products from Lebanon to the venue in Beijing.

The exhibition could be the start of a penetration to a fruitful and promising new market. Its consequences on the Lebanese industry will be visible soon, thanks negotiations that took place and deals that were signed, creating big hope for the start of a long term trade relationship with China. The result of this expo will be especially positive in reducing the Lebanese trade deficit through increasing the country’s ratio of exports, noting that China is the biggest import partner for Lebanon.