ICS2: The new EU Customs Advance Cargo Information System


The European Union is implementing a new customs pre-arrival security and safety programme, underpinned by a large-scale advance cargo information system – Import Control System 2 (ICS2).

What is ICS2?
ICS2 is a new IT system created to collect data about all goods entering the EU prior to their arrival. Economic Operators will have to declare safety and security data to ICS2, through the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS).
The system aims to better protect Europe’s single market and its citizens with new customs safety and security measures and will facilitate free flow of trade through improved data-driven customs security processes, adapted to global business models.

Who is directly affected by ICS2?
• Express Carrier
• Freight Forwarding and Logistics Companies
• Maritime, Rail and Road Transport Carriers
• Air Cargo Carriers

When will ICS2 become effective?
The obligation to start filing such ENS declarations will depend on the type of services provided in the international movement of goods and for containerized cargo transported on maritime and inland waterways, roads, and railways, to or through the EU, including Northern Ireland, Norway, or Switzerland will be June 3rd 2024.

What are the new requirements for submission?
For each item shipped, the required mandatory information to be received includes in HBL:
• a complete and accurate commercial cargo description
• the HS 6-digit commodity code
• additional details of parties involved (e.g. seller, buyer, consignee, consignor)
• the EORI number, whenever assigned to any of these parties

How to get ready?
• Get informed and gain understanding of the new requirements
• Inform individuals from outside the EU who send goods to or through the EU on new requirements
• Adapt your business processes to gain accurate, complete timely data to provide

What will happen if information are not provided in time?
• Consignments and freight will be stopped at the EU customs borders
• The goods in question will not be cleared by the customs authorities
• Inadequate declarations will either be rejected or subject to intervention, with possible sanctions imposed for non-compliance

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